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Raise Funds for Classroom Supplies with This Cool Tool for Teachers

DonorsChoose helps public school educators get the classroom supplies they need to deliver exceptional education. Read...

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Have you heard? Science is Cool.

Science is Cool (ScIC) is the largest online science conference in the world, reaching over 59,000 educators...

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Georgia Tech is Mapping Urban Heat Islands in Atlanta With PocketLabs


Get involved: urbanheatatl.org 

"We're mapping Atlanta's urban heat islands with community science."


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A Day of Virtual PD and Exploring Citizen Science: ScIC5 by PocketLab

Blog written by the talented Mrs. Watson. Visit her website here: https://www.mrswatsoneducation.com/ 

This is the 5th...

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PocketLab Experiments: Face Mask Effectiveness Test

Mr. Vandegrift is using a PocketLab Voyager (But you can also use Weather or Air) to show his students the efficacy of ...

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ScIC was born out of the Pandemic

It has been just over a year since the first ScIC launched. 

And WOW, what a year it has been. 


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First School in Florida to Use PocketLab Air to Monitor Air Pollution

Grade 5 STEM students at Saint Andrew’s School are the newest climate scientists on the block. They caught wind of...

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PocketLab Voyager Shows the Science Behind Juggling

Using a PocketLab Voyager, can an engineer prove that you cannot juggle more than 14 balls at a time? Unfortunately,...

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Physics of Skateboarding with PocketLab

NGSS standards: (Physical Sciences), (Forces and Motion)

The PocketLab team knows that our products can be used for...

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Can Science Find the Ideal Soccer Player?

NGSS Standards: (Physical Sciences), (Forces and Motion)

Understanding the science of the world will always give you an...

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Using Flight Sensors in your Weather Balloon

NGSS Standards: (Earth's Systems),(Weather and Climate)

John Huber is a rockstar teacher with Omaha Public Schools. He...

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ScIC5 'Science is Cool' Un-Conference News!


9,000 of you have already signed up. It is going to be an amazing day!


You are not going to want...

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Students Take Measuring Air Quality into their own Hands

Citizen science engages students in important topics, while empowering them to collect real data and contribute to...