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3 min read

Climbing High with PocketLab: Exploring the Science of Climbing

Hello teachers and science enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the exhilarating domain of sports science, spotlighting...

2 min read

Rocketry Lessons: Exploring Real Data with PocketLab and Estes Rockets

Learning science is no longer confined to the corners of traditional classrooms. The educational technology market has...

2 min read

Teaching Indoor Air Pollution Using Real-Time Data

PocketLab super teacher, Kristi Schertz teaches her students about indoor air pollution using PocketLab Air in this...

2 min read

How PocketLab Notebook Supports Inquiry-based Learning and Scientific Practices

PocketLab Notebook is an all-in-one digital science platform designed for classrooms that supports inquiry-based...

2 min read

Exploring STEM with Water Rockets at St-Lambert Intl. High School

At St-Lambert International High School in Canada, 8th-grade students embarked on an exhilarating scientific journey by...

2 min read

Five Things You Didn't Know about PocketLab Sensors

PocketLab products have revolutionized hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)...

2 min read

How to Select Hands-On Tools for your Classroom

In today's educational landscape, hands-on learning experiences play a crucial role in engaging students and fostering...

2 min read

Align Physics Teaching with TEKS using PocketLab’s Conceptual Physics

Learn More About Conceptual Physics and TEKS

As a science teacher in Texas, you know how important it is to align...

4 min read

Society for Science Awards Teachers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Society for Science recently named 52 dedicated teachers as recipients of awards through its STEM Research Grants...

13 min read

Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy Experiment: Gravity | PocketLab

Does a falling object have potential energy or kinetic energy or both? In other potential energy experiments, we...

2 min read

Thomasville Students Participate in Environmental Research Project on Heat Islands

In southern Georgia, AP students in Richard Faucett's environmental science class participated in a citizen science...

2 min read

Life-Changing Lessons to Bring Back to Your Classroom

The Morpho Institute delivers life-changing PD experiences that teachers can bring back to their classrooms. Here’s how...

3 min read

Raise Funds for Classroom Supplies with This Cool Tool for Teachers

DonorsChoose helps public school educators get the classroom supplies they need to deliver exceptional education. Read...

3 min read

Have you heard? Science is Cool.

Science is Cool (ScIC) is the largest online science conference in the world, reaching over 95,000 educators...

2 min read

Georgia Tech is Mapping Urban Heat Islands in Atlanta With PocketLabs


Get involved: 

"We're mapping Atlanta's urban heat islands with community science."


10 min read

A Day of Virtual PD and Exploring Citizen Science: ScIC5 by PocketLab

Blog written by the talented Mrs. Watson. Visit her website here: 

This is the 5th...

1 min read

PocketLab Experiments: Face Mask Effectiveness Test

Mr. Vandegrift is using a PocketLab Voyager (But you can also use Weather or Air) to show his students the efficacy of...

2 min read

ScIC was born out of the Pandemic

It has been just over a year since the first ScIC launched. 

And WOW, what a year it has been. 


3 min read

First School in Florida to Use PocketLab Air to Monitor Air Pollution

Grade 5 STEM students at Saint Andrew’s School are the newest climate scientists on the block. They caught wind of...

1 min read

PocketLab Voyager Shows the Science Behind Juggling

Using a PocketLab Voyager, can an engineer prove that you cannot juggle more than 14 balls at a time? Unfortunately,...

1 min read

Physics of Skateboarding with PocketLab

NGSS standards: (Physical Sciences), (Forces and Motion)

The PocketLab team knows that our products can be used for...

1 min read

Can Science Find the Ideal Soccer Player?

NGSS Standards: (Physical Sciences), (Forces and Motion)

Understanding the science of the world will always give you an...

2 min read

Using Flight Sensors in your Weather Balloon

NGSS Standards: (Earth's Systems),(Weather and Climate)

John Huber is a rockstar teacher with Omaha Public Schools. He...

3 min read

ScIC5 'Science is Cool' Un-Conference News!


9,000 of you have already signed up. It is going to be an amazing day!


You are not going to want...

4 min read

Students Take Measuring Air Quality into their own Hands

Citizen science engages students in important topics, while empowering them to collect real data and contribute to...

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